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17BU Organic Chemistry Set

Catalogue No: 2080680

17BU Organic Chemistry Set
Pack of (Pcs) : 1

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* One joint size 10/19. Most of the simple processes of preparative organic chemistry
can be carried out with the seven parts contained in this set.
* These include reflux, reflux with addition, distillation, preparation, steam distillation
and separation. Designed for quantities up to 15g of starting material, the set is ideal
for introducing students to the first principles of preparative chemistry.
* The set is supplied in a cardboard box and comes complete with instructions for use.
17BU Complete set comprises 7 items.
S. No. Component Qty.
1. Liebig condenser 1
2. Dropping funnel, 20mL 1
3. Flask, pear shape, 25mL 1
4. Thermometer 10 to 250 degree C 1
5. Stopper 2
6. Still head 1
7. Receiver Adapter 1

17BU Organic Chemistry Set
Pack of (Pcs) : 1

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