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10BU Organic Chemistry Set

Catalogue No: 2080640

10BU Organic Chemistry Set
Pack of (Pcs) : 1

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* One joint size 10/19. A semi-micro set which features a comprehensive range of
apparatus including a self-contained stirrer unit. It is ideal for industrial use or for teaching at widely varying levels up to post-graduate standard.
* The scope of the set can be appreciated by reference to more than 20 assemblies
from simple reflux to fractional distillation, which cover all the principal techniques of preparative organic chemistry for quantities of starting material up to 15g. The wooden storage box is of dual-purpose design, and can be converted to a stand to support all the various assemblies.
* This completely eliminates the need for clamping equipment. Each set includes a drawing stencil and an instruction booklet, which includes practical details of
experiments and preparations.
* 10BU Semi-micro set of glassware comprising 22 items and contained in a storage box / stand as described below.
S. No. Component Qty.
1. Liebig condenser 1
2. Dropping funnel, 20mL 1
3. Flask, pear shape, 25mL 1
4. Flask, three necks, 25mL 1
5. Flask, round bottom, 5mL 3
6. Air leak / steam inlet 1
7. Thermometer 10 to 250 degree C 1
8. Dropping pipette 1
9. Rubber teat 1
10. Receiver adapter 2
S. No. Component Qty.
11. Stopper 2
12. Still head 1
13. Air condenser 1
14. Filter funnel 1
15. Receiver tube 1
16. Will statter nail 1
17. Gas inlet tube 1
18. Drying tube 1
19. Stirrer 1

10BU Organic Chemistry Set
Pack of (Pcs) : 1

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