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29BU/M Organic Chemistry Set

Catalogue No: 2080720

29BU/M Organic Chemistry Set
Pack of (Pcs) : 1

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* One joint size 14/23. This set, comprising of 5 glassware items, is ideal for
introducing students to the principal techniques of preparative organic chemistry.
Although the set is very simple, a surprising number of preparations on the 30g
scale can be carried out. Provides the construction of both reflux and distillation
assemblies. The set is housed in a robust box and is supplied with an instruction
booklet, which contains notes on practical techniques and details of various
experiments and preparations.
S. No. Component Qty.
1 Pear shaped flask, 50mL 1
2 Still head 1
3 Liebig Condenser 1
4 Screw-cap adapter 1
5 Receiver adapter 1

29BU/M Organic Chemistry Set
Pack of (Pcs) : 1

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