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27BU/M Organic Chemistry Set

Catalogue No: 2080760

27BU/M Organic Chemistry Set
Pack of (Pcs) : 1

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* One joint size 14/23. A highly popular set in schools, colleges and universities. It has
been purposely designed to cover the essential requirements for the teaching of
organic chemistry and is suitable for preparations up to 30gm.
* This is a set, which is difficult to beat for versatility. The set comprises nine items of
glassware and allows the construction of minimum 8 assemblies including steam
distillation, reflux with addition and preparation.
* Set housed in a robust storage box fitted with foam liner for safe storage and transit.
Supplied with the set, are instructions for use, which include practical details of a
student’s course of experiments and preparations.
S. No. Component Qty.
1 Pear shaped flask, 50mL 1
2 Still head 1
3 Liebig Condenser 1
4 Screw-cap adapter 1
5 Receiver adapter 1
6 Air leak / steam inlet tube 1
7 Dropping funnel, 50mL 1
8 Stopper 1
9 Thermometer 1

27BU/M Organic Chemistry Set
Pack of (Pcs) : 1

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